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His Pregnant Princess (Mills & Boon Short Stories)
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His Pregnant Princess (Mills & Boon Short Stories)
Author:Yates Maisey (EN)
A introductory fragment is available
Language of a book: Английский
Publisher: Gardners Books

    Princess Alys Bowen has always known she was destined to marry for duty, love was not an option. But with the announcement of her perfectly arranged engagement looming, for just one night she will take matters into her own hands!Her brooding bodyguard, Liam Ryder, has always been there for her - literally putting his life - and body - on the line. And in his eyes, Alys can see that he's resisting temptation just as much as she is.But now Alys and Liam have nine months before facing the consequences of their delicious and forbidden desires...

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