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Number of pages: 16
The book is finished, but only a part of the whole book is laid out
Language of a book: Английский
Publisher: Альтаспера
City of publish: Торонто
Year of publish: 2017
ISBN: 9781365554643
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          Near future...    Mother Earth underwent terrible invasion. The terrible Empire of stelzan brought down the overwhelming power on a fragile blue sphere, and heavy chains of slavery, appear, forever held down all mankind. But the guerrilla movement without watching total terror, is not going to lay down arms. Lev Eraskander, and a small group of persons developing in themselves paranormal abilities became new hope of resistance. The challenge of space tyranny is thrown down. The way to a victory is difficult and long. Stelzana have a uniform origin with people left considerably further them scientific and technical development, by means of gains having created the empire which sizes it is difficult to present. They have special troops from the fighters having supernatural force too. There is a great number of others, not less blood-thirsty of empires inomiryan, physiologically alien to people. Large-scale space war begins, in Stelzanat the fifth raises the head of colon. The whimsical Pallada provides to mankind chance, and to Eraskander and his friends an opportunity to get access practically to Omnipotence. But to take a prize it is necessary to pass: thousands of galaxies to visit the parallel Universes, to solve hundreds of the most difficult problems.   
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    31 августа 2018, 16:20#580213
    Настоящий космический шедевр на английском языке!
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