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If the Slipper Fits
Автор:Harbison Elizabeth (EN)
Количество страниц: 7
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Язык книги: Русский
Издатель: HarperCollins
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    LIVING IN A FAIRY TALE…Prince Conrad of Beloria arrived in New York to host a charity banquet n his family's honor, his playboy reputation preceding him. Every eligible society girl in town wanted to accompany the wealthy royal to the ball. But to his stepmother's dismay, the handsome prince only had eyes for one woman….The wrong woman.Hotel concierge Lily Tilden wasn't A-list, but Conrad was immediately smitten with her beauty, brains and poise. And while his position required a more appropriate candidate, Conrad would need all the cunning his noble legacy had taught him to now reconcile the duties of the crown with the desires of his heart…

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