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Lewis Foreman

Shopping Series



This book will help you remember a lot of necessary and useful words and combinations that you are going to use in casual situations and small talks while doing the shopping.

The following episodes are combined in order to provide you with an opportunity of memorising some words and phrases just reading stories of different people about their shopping.

Enjoy and learn!


Need a skirt

Flowers as a present


Bus pass

Photo frame


Chess set

Door handle

Mobile phone


Story ONE

Need a skirt

Rebecca is going out with her friends tonight. But it has turned out that she hasn’t got any nice skirts in her wardrobe. She knows what to do. There is a new boutique two blocks away from her home. She noticed it the other day.

They offer great discounts on a new range. Besides, the selection is really sumptuous. Rebecca is thinking of going there right now.

She’s getting her bag, money and a bus ticket ready.

The bus stop is not crowded. It takes her ten minutes to get to the shop. It’s really impressive. Rebecca picks a couple of skirts out. The price is reasonable. She comes to the cash in the front of the shop and pays for her buyings. She feels good.

She will definitely come here again!

Story TWO

Flowers as a present

Rebecca is thinking of a present. Her friend has a birthday party tomorrow. Rebecca is confused. She doesn’t know what to gift her.

Today she has seen a nice flower shop nearby her home. They sell quiet nice flowers there. Rebecca is going to buy a bouquet of her friend’s favourite flowers. She’s going to pick pink and yellow roses.

Rebecca takes her purse. She puts her debit card into it. She locks her apartment and walks to the shop. She feels good. She doesn’t have to think of a present now.

It takes her half an hour to get to the shop. She picks the flowers and pays for them. A shop assistant is wrapping the flowers. Rebecca returns home.

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