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  As for hypnosis, even Putin himself was able to hypnotize a little. They were trained in intelligence in similar skills. But you've got to have abilities from God or whatever. Vladimir Vladimirov was not a phenomenon, had above-average intelligence, but not much. And the hypnosis he had slightly above average human. But to give something to a person with a weak will and that could be enough. Or enter into a mild stage of hypnosis, or the average person with hypersensitivity.

  Was in exploration people are more capable and talented than he is. Now, though this is not to remember or speak.

  Putin himself, starting his career, dreamed at best to reach the General. And the fact that fate will prepare him for the throne of the President of Russia and will raise to unprecedented heights, there were no thoughts about it. Yeah fortune is capricious. And sometimes Putin himself was surprised at his phenomenal luck. Having reached the Lieutenant Colonel, he after the withdrawal of troops from the GDR was not destiny. To the policy of great abilities was not. Even now he is well aware that he is not an outstanding speaker. And it was problematic to start a political career. Small growth, not very pleasant appearance, weak voice, lack of the gift of eloquence.

  But Sobchak invited him to the team on the recommendation of his superiors. Then still do the prospects Sobchak was not obvious. But he quickly gained popularity. Putin really confused, Pro-Western orientation of Democrats. They took money from uncle Sam, and other capitalists without hesitation. And their information opportunities were used. And Yeltsin was in the US and was approved by the state Department. Also began to push through.

  Putin as a scout did not like the West, but kept quiet about it. He climbed into disputes that were not at the meetings, just doing a job.

  Sobchak was able to get elected mayor of Leningrad. Then this city became St. Petersburg. Yeltsin won the presidential election in Russia. That, too, was well expected. Especially the main candidate from Communists Yury Ryzhkov was weak and the best and wasn't. As something not differed Communist the tip eloquence, or abilities to public politics.

  Against this background, and Zhirinovsky - a man from the street, but with eloquence and aggressiveness was able to take third place. However, clearly this policy was unstable and always getting into scandals. And origins he had problems. Makashov, a radical Communist and a supporter of a firm hand, made a weak speech.

  Putin did not tell anyone this, but voted for Makashov. He didn't like Democrats, but he could only make a career with them. Going to the Communists did not seem promising. So while he was with people he didn't love. But the form is not filed. During August 1991, he acted rationally and pragmatically, albeit selfishly: he waited a little and supported Yeltsin. And there was no other way. The sweep was without the support of the majority of the people and even the army. They may have had a chance, but they missed it at the time. And why is he taking the side of the loser?

  In addition, even in the army, the idea of democracy was so popular that the attempt to establish dictators most of the military, even the generals took on their hind legs. Yes, and the legitimacy of the emergency Committee was not. Gorbachev and the paralyze failed to. And janaev - is a strong personality? How can he be a dictator!

  After that, Yeltsin received real power, and Gorbachev became Queen of England. And then the collapse of the USSR finally settled in Belovezhskaya Pushcha. Personally to Putin it was not absolutely pleasant, but showed full loyalty of the new power. Yet the scout, the ability to pretend, to cheat, to Dodge. And personal selfishness, when you think more about yourself, and console yourself - what can I do alone? Perish and burn in the flame can be. What's the use?

  That Zhirinovsky supported the putsch and was almost banned. But apparently the Kremlin decided to play in democracy. And Zhirinovsky himself is not quite an independent figure, with odious views and statements. Putin learned later that Korzhakov, who had a great influence on Yeltsin, proposed using Zhirinovsky as a Scarecrow against the West. Like, you will not help us, and this Russian Hitler will come. And you will be bombarded with nuclear bombs. Yeltsin listened to his favorite.

  Zhirinovsky was not banned. Moreover, the media paid him a lot of attention and for good reason. Was PR Scarecrow. But different scandalous politicians in Russia in the nineties was apparently invisible. And the vast majority of attention was paid to Zhirinovsky.

  Especially big scandal made the new year's address of zhirik.

  As he said: do you want to have pineapples and champagne for the new year? Elect me President and then you will have pineapples and champagne. The West will give them to you, or I'll drop an atomic bomb on it!

  Wow! A gem!

  But Zhirinovsky was forgiven to scare that, they say, will not give us money, that's a Hitler with nuclear missiles will come to power! And it partially worked....

  Well, God with this Zhirik. Putin himself became Deputy Sobchak. Didn't stand out, didn't fight for the truth. Stealing did not interfere, and he did not disdain. What was done? Start the fight against corruption or you will be killed or jailed, and hounded and expelled from office for sure. So it was necessary to be such, as well as all officials in the nineties: you to me, I to you. And personal wealth is growing. So why ruin your life? In any case, the oligarchs and the powers that be did not consider Putin a dangerous and truth-loving and this in the future, very much helped his career.

  In 1995, the Communists won the Duma elections. The presidential election is six months away. There were thoughts to prepare alternate airports. Then he was lucky - fortune, or higher forces helped, not to get closer and not to light too with the Communists. Although it seemed that Zyuganov will inevitably win. But against Communists carried out really masterly election campaign. And the incredible happened-Yeltsin, who destroyed the USSR and brought to poverty most of Russia, and even lost the war in Chechnya - won!

  Here of course there were many interesting moves. And denunciation of the CIS Treaty. And the fact that Zyuganov looked outwardly unpleasant and old, too conservative. And Zhirinovsky, who began the elections with aggressive attacks on the Communists and then offered the Union to Zyuganov. Also was not in favor of the left, like the media blew that already the Prime Minister will Zhirinovsky, frightened many people.